The Sports Game Is On: Where Will You Be Watching It?

restoThe game is on. The one you anticipated and prepared for the weekend in advance. With all your munchies and the goods together, there’s only one thing left to decide; will you be celebrating and watching the event in the comfort of your own home? Or will you be meeting up with somebody is that your local sports bar?

Now, watching the event from the comfort of your home has its own list of benefits; but there are many reasons why you should consider paying a visit to the sports bar instead.

The Atmosphere

Should you want to immerse yourself fully into the event, the best way to do it is by attending the game live. However budget and scheduling constraints, may prevent this from occurring so the next best option is a sports bar where you can socialize and hang out with your friends. The energy and general atmosphere is contagious so you can’t help but have fun on this special day

Huge TVs

What’s a sports bar or Tavern without a large screen TV or two? Why, not a sports bar at all!  Most sports bars have a minimum of 1 to 2 or even more large TVs that make it possible to watch the event without having to clamber over someone, or fight to see what’s going on.  While you could be watching the event from your home, chances are you don’t have beer on tap, a full scale pool table or even a building full of sports enthusiasts like you!

Food and drink

 While you may have prepared for the event by purchasing a variety of drinks and munchies, you will never be able to match the options available from your local tavern. Here at Beacon Court Tavern, we offer a variety of delicious appetizers and even a full-scale meal.

Customer service

Instead of worrying about missing out on the crucial details or the whole event itself, you can easily request a server to handle most of your worries concerned with food and drinks. This leaves you with the ability to pay attention to the going on’s of the TV screen. There’s practically no excuse for becoming distracted.

Clean up

Perhaps the best and most beneficial reason for why you should consider watching your event at a sports pub, is the cleaning aspect. If you throw the event for a party in your home, chances are no one’s going to want to help with clean up afterwards. If you go to your local pub to watch sports, you don’t have to worry about cleanup; as it’s the employee’s job. Your job is to come and enjoy yourself. It can’t get any better than that